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the woman picture come from ggwpomglob ( ) :
Angelic (3)
Because of his inactivity, I couldn't have his autorization. If he connect and whant I delete the picture, I will do it.

thank you to CitronVertStock (… ) for the cow stock pictures :
Little cow

story writting in majority part by EEJJGG :

´´What…what?´´ Nerea´s expression was a mix between fear and impression. One thing was reading what happened to Christian in a note…and other thing was actually seeing him changed into a mermaid, into a female one. She drove both her hands to her mouth to cover a gasp. ´´No…no…First Eva…then Lisa…Not you too!¨´ She kneeled and started to slowly cry. ´´Chr…Christian…´´
She could not believe her eyes…yet it was painfully true. The boy she had a crush with since her childhood now was a mermaid. A female. Just like her. What would she do?
´´Fear not…´´ Said Christian, with her new and amazing feminine voice, a voice so beautiful and clear that could only come from a mermaid. ´´I…I feel fine´´
´´Christian…¨¨ She crawled near him, hesitating if she should hug the mermaid or not…but finally she did. Nerea wrapped her arms around Christian´s body and sobbed , feeling the moisture on the new mermaid´s skin.
´´I don´t think that name fits me anymore…´´Said the new mermaid, letting out a moan as her sensitive body was hugged like that by Nerea and returning the hug, feeling her own libido increasing. ´´Chris…Chirstina…´´ He said, rubbing her hands on Nerea´s back.
´´What happened to you? How you…?´´ She tried to ask.
´´It was the water…the pool made me change.´´
´´You fell into the pool?´´ Asked Nerea.
´´No! It was Robert! Robert pushed me inside the water¨´
´´He is the traitor!´´ Said Nerea, her first clenched in fury ´´We have to tell Edward and the others´´
´´No…He said he was not the traitor who made Lisa into a centauress...´´ Christina tried to explain. ´´He said that he done this to me just for his personal revenge.´´
´´I don´t care! I don’t trust him! Look what he has done to you!´´ Nerea stood up, looking around and trying to find a clue about where the treacherous boy could be.
´´But Nerea…´´Christian tried to replay when Eva, the catgirl, entered trough one of the doors purring and smelling the air with a wide smile.
´´I smell fish around here!´´ She said, playfully, shaking her tail in the air.´´Is tuna??? I love tuna!!!´´
´´Eva! Do not dare to touch Christina!´´ Eva stood like a wall between the catgirl and the mermaid. Eva laughed
´´Silly! I do not want to eat her! She is a friend of mine and almost as big as I am! I just want to play! She smells so good!´´ Playfully, Eva walked in two legs near Christina and then she fell to all fours near her, purring with joy. ´´Waaw...! You are beautiful!´´ She smiled. The catgirl hated water but being with the mermaid on the edge of the pool was pleasant.
´´Eva…would you guard Christina while I look for Brian?´´
´´Purrrr…Eva would be a nice guardian kitty!´´ She claimed, with a wide smile
´´Thanks dear!´´ Nerea smiled.
Christina feelt that her tail started hurting. She was dry. She pulled it into the water and began to read her new "profile".
´´What is happening here? Eva! Come back to the yard! We have to keep together those who are transformed so they cannot suffer further problems!¨´´Edward´s voice came from the next room.
´´Edward!´´ Nerea ran towards him ´´Where is Robert?´´
´´Robert? No idea…I was outside taking care of Lisa and Eva when she suddenly ran inside here saying something about a big fish´´
´´Is…is hard to explain´´ Nerea pointed at the pool where the mermaid and the catgirl were.
´´Damn!´´ Edward entered the pool and looked at them. ´´Beatrice! What happened?´´ He asked…
´´Silly!´´ Purred Eva ´´She is not Beatrice. Don´t you see her face? Is Christian!´´
´´What!???´´ Edward had a hard time looking at the mermaid and imagining that his childhood friend was that…female mermaid. His eyes ran trough the beautiful shape of the newborn mermaid and reached her feminine torso, totally uncovered. She, like Lisa, seemed to have no problem with her nudity. Despite her much more feminine face and soft features, it was crystal clear that those eyes were from Christian. ´´But how can that be? Is he…is he…I mean…´´
´´Female, yes´´ Said Christina ´´All mermaids are females…so I am Christina now´´
´´What happened?´´
´´Robert pushed him into the pool´´ Explained Nerea.
´´What?? Is he the traitor´´
´´I believe so but Christina disagrees´´
´´Let´s get him!´´ Without hesitation, Edward ran out of the room and, alongside with Nerea, they began to search and hunt the traitor.
Saw the other go out, Christina filled somehow "frustrated". She wanted stay with Nerea a little longer. She read again her profile note.
' ' I can't believe that... Seriously. I'm trap into a bimbo body or what?! ' '
She wanted go in the pool when Eva grabbed her. She purred and put the mermaid with her back on the soil.
' ' Right know we are lonely, I will tease you more closely. I'm pretty curious to see how Brian, the man, while fall into womanhood. ' '
Christian blushed and wanted to pull water on the catgirl with her tail but the catgirl lick her neck. The catgirl tongue made the libido of the mermaid grow as she moaned in pleasure.

Despite the research, Nerea and Edward didn't found Robert. The manor was so big and he can be hide everywhere.
' ' And if Christian was wright?´´ said Nerea. ´´I mean, I will made pay Robert for sure! But if it isn't him who trap Lisa? ' '
' ' I'm sure it's him! Lisa remember seeing a man who running away from the barn after she woke up. If that man wasn't me, and it wasn't Christian. So, it is obviously Robert! ' '
' ' A man? ' ' She looked embarassed..
' ' What? ' '
' ' Well, It might be … another option. Brian came back from outside this night. He wake me by... walking on my futon. ' '
At this moment, they eared a car coming to the manor. Edward looked at the windows and saw Brian who coming back to his excursion. Edward exclamed
´´Stop there you traitor!´´
´´What?´´ Seeing Edward jumping to the windows with a face full of fury, he could only run ´´Oh shit! I am not the traitor!´´ He shouted ´´You are all crazy!´´
When Lisa saw the pursuit from near the stable, she huffed. If it was Brian the one who did that to her she would not let him to simply walk away as if anything had happened. Trying to adapt to her new balance, the cenatures ran towards Brian. ´´Traitor!´´ She shouted. Brian saw himself almost surrounded. He could outrun Edward and Nerea but could never stand a chance against the centauress, so he was forced to withdraw.
The traitor saw a door in one of the sides of the manor and ran towards it as fast as he could ´´Hey!´´ He kept trying to defend himself ´´I am not the traitor!´´
Edward and Nerea followed him, affortunately for Brian, the stable was more or less far so Lisa could not reach him either before he opened the door and got in. The door was too small for the centauress to enter, so she neighed in frustration letting Nerea and Edward following the pursue. The interior of the house was big enough for her so she ran towards another door that would allow her to get in.
Exhausted, Brian finally reached the kitchen, where he could not keep running. Breathing fast, he stood near one of the tables near the fridge when Nerea and Edward came inside, closing the exits, as tired as the boy was but still fierce. Nerea caught and inmobilized Brian using his knowledge about biology mechanics.
' ' Why did you do this to Lisa?! ' ' asking Nerea.
' ' I did nothing!' ' Said Brian.
Edward looked the place and saw all the food and drink scattered around the kitchen, wondering where did all came from.
' ' Why we have all this stuff? ' ' He asked.
' ' Oh, that? We had search for something we can eat. But it isn't important now!' ' Answered Nerea.
Edward showed a wolfish smile
' ' Actually... It is very useful. ' ' He advanced and stood face to face with Brian, looking at him in the eye ' ' So. You want to play. Right? OK, I have a game for you then. Something that would be useful to us. We need someone to test these products and see what we can eat and what can transform us here. If you don't talk, I will try on you a product after a product until you end up transforming.´´
At this idea, Brian´s face paled. ' ' You, you are joking right? ' '
' ' Stay mute and you will see. We have evidence that you have done that to Lisa´´ Said Edward, running a fake. ' ' The only reason why you haven´t been punished yet is because we don't know why you did that. Would you think that it is worthy the risk?' '
' ' How... What evidence you have? I took care of everyone! ' ' Said Brian, trying to defend himself.
Nerea , angrily pushed his body stronger ' ' Here is the evidence, traitor! ' '
' ' So, why did you do that to Lisa?! ' ' Said Edward, exploding on rage for his girlfriend being made into a centauress. ' ' Say it! or I will made you eat snails and crawl on the soil as the vermin you are for the rest of your expendable life! ' '
Brian imagined him as a snail and was close to vomit. He finally confessed, unable to stand against Edward and Nerea´s inquisition
' ' It... It's true! I transformed her! I locked her on the barn! She managed to get into the university, yes, but all she really wanted was to go out with the horses! I can't accept the fact that someone that low may take my place as a winner! She wanted be with horses? I gave her the opportunity to be closer to them than she even dreamed! All I regret is she wasn't becoming a true horse! You should even thank me for that. ' '
Nerea exclaimed ' ' I known you are very arrogant but here you went too far! You didn´t have the right to judge someone like that! ' '
Strangely, Edward seemed to calm down suddenly ' ' Oh, so that is your argument right? She did not have the right to be human so you gave her an ironic transformation that you decided that she might like without even asking her and forcing Lisa to change into a centauress. It's that? If we follow your logical path, your parents are farmers right? ' ' At this words, Edward open the fridge and taking the milk bottle he used the day before for Eva, certainly knowing the effects it would cause.
' ' My parents are not farmers! There is no way these people who have a lower country job could be my biological parents! I'm superior to them in all... ' '
He stopped talking as soon as Edward who putting bottle of milk directly on his mouth, harshly pressing the crystal against his lips. . Due to the surprise, he drank a little of the liquid.
' ' I don't know why you have this spirit. ' ' said Edward ' ' You aren't superior. You are not even as intelligent as you can think. And even if you were, that does not give you rights above anyone for we all are equal… Maybe this change of live will help you... You denigrated so much your own parent because of their jobs that now you might need to learn…´´
Nerea realized that the traitor suddenly started feeling hot.
' ' Your parents worked hard and paid all you needed. University, lounge,... all and they received in return was your disdain! It is time for payback. It is time for you to answer for all you did. Maybe you will be more helpful as livestock than as a human. ' '
Nerea smiled ' ' Good choice! He thinks farmers are lower than humans. Enter the livestock of one perfectly fit!
' ' Why I feel so…strange…´´ Brian said as that strange heat only grew more and more, rushing trough every fiber of his being making the boy moan in pleasure when he realized what he have done ´´Oh no…oh no please! Not me!´´ But it was already too late.
Brian´s body suddenly seemed to get fatter and chubbier as it grew in thickness, straining his clothes and eventually breaking them, showing a coarse, yet soft skin underneath. It. Brian´s athletic frame seemed chubbier and fatter, also curvier and more feminine as he moaned again, feeling another sting of pleasure. The muscles on his chest seemed to grow as well, bigger and bigger as his nipples darken and grow too. Unable to hold his lust, Brian falls into all fours as his hair grows longer. Naked now, the group could see that a bulge was growing in the boy´s crotch as his member started to shrink and recede into his body, soon being covered by a growing, big udder that popped out four tits, leaking milk ´´Mooooooo!´´ Brian´s voice has totally changed, more feminine. Two little horns grow form her new longer hair and a tail sprouted from his rear.
Lisa who was staying at the door saw a new paper attached to it. She cry it for all earing the new lost and go to the kitchen. Brian was totally changed. He…no…she was standing up near one of the furnitures of the kitchen. She had her back turned at the group and was a thick chubby yet beautiful feminine back with a long bovine tail. Her thick and curvy body showed a big cow udder and big human breasts covered by three fingers. Lisa gave the paper to Edward.

Brian has lost
Cause of the penality : Dinking magical milk

Species description : The cowgirl´s body is build for produce milk. Despite her size, she can produce as many milk as the best cow and that, with a wonderful quality. With this only objective in mind, one thou could ask thyself, why cowgirls have such beautiful bodies. In the beginning, cowgirl´s weren´t that beautiful, but human selection by reproduction made them like than the modern cowgirl are so they now fulfil a double role as milk producers and as a wonderful distraction for the farmer.

Regime : herbivore
Human conditions :
She can become a woman if she has less than 15 liters of milk in her body. She produces milk continuously.

Attribute change.
- Permanent feminity. Even if she returns to human, the continuous milk production force the human body to transgender into that of woman.
- Milk production : The cow´s breast can produce 20 liters at milk by day and the set of human breast can produce 10 liters.
- Big eater : She needs to eat a lot of quality vegetal for supporting her milk production. 20 kilos each (+ 3 kg/ by liter of milk) product of vegetable, 70 liter of water and salt complement each day. (minimum base).
- Need help on milking : She can't milk herself or being milked by a machine . She can only be milked by another person.
- Orgasmic milking : Because her body is made for produce milk, being milked give her more erogenous sensation than her own genitalia.
- Cow language : She can't ovoid to moo when she speak.
- Evolutive curse : If she is totally full of milk, which occurs every 24 hours since the last milking, an extra human breast pair will appear for helping the milk flow. The maximum of set is 3 pairs more than the cow udder. If that happens and, she is full again, it will result in painful and slow expulsion of the milk at the speed of the production, which can damage the body.


´´Justice is served this time´´ Said Edward, crossing his arms proudly. ' ' If you need to be milked, I know a centauress who will love made you this service. ' '
The cowgirl looked at Edward with surprise ' ' Been, mooooolking?! Give Mmmmmooo that note!' '
´´Now it seems that we are sharing the barn¨ Smiled Lisa, placing a hand on her equine hip ´´You´d better be a good girl´´
´´Well…he said the truth about one thing!´´ Smiled Nerea. ´´Lisa, he could have made you turn into a…who knows? A snail? A spider? A snake? A slug? At least he made you a centauress!´´
´´I will be thanking her for that´´ Said Lisa, ironically. ´´Brienna´´

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