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the woman picture come from ggwpomglob ( ) :
Blonde Ambition 3
Because of his inactivity, I couldn't have his autorization. If he connect and whant I delete the picture, I will do it.

thank you to phantompanther-stock ( phantompanther-stock.deviantar… ) for the fish picture :
Fish Stock 0039

story by EEJJGG :

´´Alright, girls, we still have business to do´´ Said Nerea ´´Brian might have been captured but Robert is still missing!´´
´´Looks like treachery does not come alone…´´ Smiled Edward. ´´We have to look further for him and make him pay as well.´´
´´Be careful, love´´ Said Lisa, trotting forward him with devotion ´´He might have a trap prepared or something...I…I could not stand seeing you transforming´´
The fact that the two previous boys have changed genders on their transformations certainly made Lisa worried about his boyfriend´s possible fate. Edward and Nerea were intelligent enough for avoiding any suspicious transformative object, yet they might fall in the treacherous Robert´s hands and maybe end up changed into something awful.
´´I will. I promise it´´ Said Edward, delivering a small kiss on the centauress lips. ´´Lisa, you cannot move indoors with freedom and I still don´t trust you, Brienna, no matter how docile you are now. Lisa. Would you take Brienna to the barn and take care of her?´´
´´Certainly, my love´´ Smiled the centauress, gently bowing her torso and front legs.
´´Nerea, Beatrice…we are going to catch Robert…and then…´´ Edward looked at Nerea ´´ We will serve justice again this time by your hand.´´
´´Go for it!´´ Assured Nerea.
´´Boys…we are getting this a bit too far…´´ Said Beatrice ´´I mean…we are making everybody change…by ourselves! The only victim of the house itself was Eva…the others…are just personal treacheries. Are you sure we want to do this?´´
´´We have to, Beatrice´´ Said Nerea, taking the girl´s hands. ´´For our personal sake´´
´´We have no time to lose´´ Edward put a hand on both girl´s shoulders. ´´Let´s go!´´

´´Wa…wait!´´ Brienna tried to cover her heavy breasts and raised a hooved hand towards the group, who left the kitchen ´´What…what I am supposed to moooo do now?´´
´´You are coming with me, young lady´´ Said the centauress and grabbed her shoulder, starting to walk outside the kitchen. Brienna´s body felt really sensitive, but the thing she could feel the most was the milk production and her breast´s size and pressure increasing each passing second.
´´Are you…mooo….going to milk me?´´ Asked Brienna, blushing a lot, but at the same time, crossing her arms around her breast
´´I should not´´ Answered Lisa. ´´For what you have done to me…but I am not as dirty and impious as you are. So I will´´
´´Go to hell youmoooo fat ass mare´´ Growled Brenna, spitting at Lisa´s hooves.
´´Suit yourself´´ She said, walking away from the kitchen slowly. ´´But remember what the profile note said´´
´´Nuuuuuu matter what that stupid piece of paper say! You are nuuuuut going to milk me! No one is going to! I am mooooot an animal! I am superior to all of…´´ He tried to finish the sentence when a lettuce came flying towards her and almost hit her mouth. Lisa had kicked with her strong rear legs one of the lettuces scattered around the kitchen, sending it directly towards Brienna like a projectile.
´´And try to contain your hunger. If what the paper said is true you might kill us all of starvation eating all our food!´´ Said the elegant centauress, combing her hair with her fingers and taking one of the apples around, biting it and walking away. ´´I will be around the barn. Go and find me when you finally accept your punishment´´
´´Damn yomoooooo!´´ Shouted Brienna, but soon, she found herself grabbing pieces of the lettuce´s leaf and eating them with pleasure. She was hungry. And that tasted really good. Soon, most of her problems were forgotten, lost in the simple pleasure of eating. Each passing moment, the milk production was increasing slightly, fueled by the food she was taking. Soon, Brienna felt her udders really swollen and bit her lower lip. She tried to wrap her fingers around her udders but, like the paper said, she was unable to milk herself. It seemed that her own insctinct blocked her…and her fingers were swollen and really hard to use on such a delicate task…
She needed human hands. She needed feminine, soft, caring hands…those of Lisa, for example. Brienna bit her lower lip again and shook her head, crossing her arms again. ´´No! There is moooo way I am going to degradate myself that moooooch….! But…I feel so full, so swollen…´´
Driven by her new instincts and with a spark of need on her eyes, Brienna quickly opened the kitchen door, running on her unsteady hooves, her chubby body shaking and her udders moving side to side as she run. ´´Li…Moooooo Lisaaaa!´´ She shouted, running towards the barn.

In the meantime, Christina and Eva stood on the pool. Christina was playing with her tail, splashing water here and there as she kept her mind busy trying to guess what Nerea and Edward could be doing…probably the worst part of having a mermaid tail is being stuck in the water. She would need a wheelchair or something to move around the house now, which would limit her movement capacity greatly. Eva, however, seemed to be really happy, playing and purring around, enjoying the mermaids´s presence and, from time to time, getting tangled with Christina in some kind of innocent play but strangely erotic.
The catgirl, not caring about any kind of social tabbo, approached to the mermaid´s breasts and gently licked it.
´´What are you doing, Eva?´´ Her hyper sensitive body and livido playing against her.
´´Hummm tastes good!´´ She said.
Christina never admitted it, but she was feeling really aroused by that. She had her hands on her tail, noticing her new scaly slit, sensitive and wet. Probably being stuck on a mermaid body was not what she desired…but that feminine body certainly had a lot of new frontiers to discover for her.
Soon, the voice of the mermaid was cut by sudden moans of pleasure as Eva licked her more and more.

´´We shouldn´t split out´´ Said Beatrice ´´The more scattered we are, the more vulnerable we are.´´
´´But that way we could cover more space´´ Said Nerea.
´´We stay together. Six eyes better than two and I am not going to lose anyone else. We already have too many innocent victims´´ Said Edward.
The house seemed to be even larger than they expected. In fact, the long hallways and stairs seemed endless and each time they turn a corner they find a new room they have never seen before.
´´This is crazy…´´ Nerea looked outside trough one of the windows. ´´it seems that we are not moving at all! How this can be?´´
´´This place change humans into monsters´´ Added Edward. ´´No one knows what other things may happen´´
´´I feel so…vulnerable´´ Said Beatrice, embracing herself. ´´No matter where I look I find something that can change me into…a monster…I wish I do not get bitten by a spider…Or sting by a wasp!´´
´´Stay calm!´´ Tried to ease Nerea.
´´But Nerea! This is a labyrinth! If Robert is here we will never find him!´´
´´He has to be here somewhere!´´ Edward opened one of the windows ´´As long as we don´t lose line of sights with the windows we will know that we just have to follow them to find the stairs and…´´
´´Lisaaaa!´´ The could hear a distant shout, clearly Brienna´s voice.
´´Looks like someone is learning to behave´´ Smiled Beatrice.
´´And that means that…´´ Suddenly, Nerea had an idea. ´´Damn! We have to get back to the kitchen!´´
´´What?´´ Asked Edward. ´´Why?´´
´´Robert is there. I am sure. He needs food and water just like us and he knows how to find it! He never got upstairs, he always stood on the other floor!´´
´´Hope you are alright¨´ Beatrice, Edward and Nerea quickly ran following the windows until they found the stairs that lead to the ground floor.
Just as Nerea imagined, Robert was there, taking some food and water from the reserves as he tried to survive all by himself. He waited for the centauress and the cowgirl to leave so he could get inside and steal the reserves but when he heard the rest of the group coming down, he knew that he was discovered. ´´Damn it´´ He spitted, taking his backpack and closing it before running away fast. The thief and the group encountered in the middle of the main hallway ´´Damn!´´ Robert quickly evaded and ran towards the main door, opening it with rage and ran outside, quickly following the side wall so he did not get lost on the forest surrounding the house. ´´Stop there you damn whelp!´´ Shouted Nerea, whose fury fueled her speed, quickly outrunning both Edward and Beatrice.
Without him knowing, the wall was driving Robert to the side of the covered pool. He was trying to look for something he could use to stop the chase or even to transform Nerea or Edward.
When he was outside the pool he discovered what seemed to be a set of thermal baths outside, just a few holes with hot water and stones scattered around. He did not expected to find it right there and he lost his concentration for a moment, allowing Nerea to catch him and pin him down to the ground. ´´Now you are going to pay!¨´ Growled the girl.
´´Damn you!´´ Robert´s hand looked for something to defend himself and he found a stone…one of the stones that were near one of the thermal pools…a strange pinkish stone.
He was about to hit Nerea with the stone, when he found something strange…that stone was no more on his hand, but instead, it seemed to be merging with the boy´s skin. ´´What the…?´´ Afraid for the strange thing that was doing that to his skin, he quickly stood up, kicking Nerea away, and then he wrapped his other hand around his changing one and ran far away as quick as he could. When Edward arrived, he offered a hand to Nerea and she took his hand, getting on her feet again.
–Let´s pursue him!
–No!–Nerea grabbed Edward´s hand.–He is already doomed…Let´s go to the main gate.
As Nerea expected, there was a new paper hanging there. The girl took it and read:

Robert has lost.
Cause of penalty: Took a pink slime stone.

Species description: Slimes are a mystery for both biologists and naturalists. These gooey creatures don´t seem to have any visible internal organs or defined body structure. They are simply made by a gelatinous cold substance of variable color (Normally blue or green) that seem to have a good degree of intelligence and self-conciousness. The gooey mass has no defined form and can be shaped at will, it can even be increased or reduced by adding more substance to it, or detracting the goo from the body. The slime senses are shared trough all the mass, so she can hear, smell with every part of the goo, but the slimes usually focus these senses in formed ears, eyes and noses because not having any defined form, specially for a human, can be really dizzy. Slimes can take and maintain the form they want with use of minimal focus. More difficult forms might require more focus.

Regime: (Slime form) Only liquids or solid food that can decompose into liquid. The goo would assimilate any available fluid nearby (water, milk…) to increase her own mass and turn it into more goo.

Human condition: She has to stay totally dry. Even a drop of sweat on her skin would made the slime nature absorb it. Drinking water in public may also cause a partial transformation. Extreme humidity conditions may also trigger the change. If that happens, she has to stay 24 hours as a slime, after that, she can change back into her human form.

Attribute :

Feminity : Slimes have no gender by themselves, it depends on the spiritual stone the are attached to. A blue stone would lock the slime into a male gender while a pink stone would create a female slime.
Humidity : Being a gooey and wet substance, the slime need to keep a certain degree of humidity on her system. That humidity might come from water, steam or enviormental humidity. Being exposed directly to the sun or high temperatures might result in a loss of humidity and severely damage the slime´s body.
Spirtual stone : The very essence of the slime resides in this stone. The spiritual stone is the heart and soul of the smile and contain the creatures consciousness and intelligence and, finally, her own essence. Every other part is expendable. That makes the slime really resilient. Even if a slime is cut in half and both parts separated, the consciousness of the slime would still survive in the stone. As long as the spiritual stone is not destroyed, th slime can stay conscious and regenerate itself.
Water absorption : Despite the fact that they need water, extreme exposure to that might also be harmful, as the slime´s body would naturally try to take all the liquid it can, potentially overwhelming her own capacity of assimilation.
Shape change: A slime can change her shape at will using the present amount of mass she has. That allows the slime to take almost any imaginable form with enough focus. The slime, however, as she remembers herself as human, tends to stay in that form for being the easiest to maintain.
Sensitivity : The ´´primal´´ state of the goo have it´s senses all together into the slime surface, allowing it to smell, ear and see trough all the surface. That is, however, a true wave of perpetual information so it is common that the slimes focus their senses into certain points creating ´´artificial organs´´ for each sense. They can ´´create´´ eyes with the goo and place the sight sense there.
Sexual characteristics: Despite not having a gender, slimes can have their sensual stimulation place in all the surface of their body. That makes a slime girl make every part of her body as sensitive and erotic as human female genitalia in function of her own desire.

–Justice is served again. –Said Nerea with a smile. Beatrice was around, a bit afraid.
–So…a slime?–She muttered.
–And a female one…–Edward bit his lower lip.–Damn….it turns out I am the only male one remaining here…
And he was right, for Robert has ran upstairs as fast as he could, feeling his skin really sensitive and strange as it seemed to goo around his clothes and even drip to the ground. He could feel his body getting moistured and softer as he ran away from his former friends. Then, he suddenly tripped and fell to the ground on the upper floor, near one of the bedrooms. When he looked at the floor he gasped in fear when he saw that he did not tripped with anything…but his feet simply feel to the ground, his shoes standing there, covered by a thick, glistening blue goo. He let out a scream as he touched his legs, feeling the skin changing into that goo as well, damping his clothes. Using his hands as his only way of movement, he opened the door and crawled towards the bed of the room, trying to stop what was happening to him…
As soon as he opened the door, his hand lost definition and fell on the ground like a puddle of blue goo, making him shout…but his mandible was also merging with the rest of his body under his clothes. Crawling, he started to loose clothing on the way as more and more parts of his body changed, liquefied into that goo.
He only had one goal. To reach the bed.
And he did so.
But then…he was no longer human. What was on the bed was not the boy´s body, but only a formless mass of blue goo that seemed to pulse and breathe. In the very earth of that substance puddle shinned the pink stone that was now his heart and soul…
Robert senses were strange now. He could feel, smell and taste everything around him at once and such overwhelming information made his liquefied brain overwhelm with data, so much, that it soon started to hurt. He wished for some ears, some eyes, a mouth…something to concentrate his senses on…
And then it happened. Being modeled only by his mind, the goo substance took form. A human form. A female form…Robert looked at his…no…her body. She was made of goo. She was a girl, a woman, and her mind seemed to be totally confortable with that. Now she had ears, nose, mouth, arms, and a nice pair of feminine breasts, not to say a gooey hair and a cute face…
Her hands soon rested on her gooey hips and a pulse of pleasure overwhelmed her body. It felt so sensitive…
Something was triggered on her mind. She would need liquid…and apologize to her mermaid compagnon…
Oh…and she also needed a female name.

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previous :…
next :…
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