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the woman picture come from ggwpomglob ( ) :
Purple Heels (11)
Because of his inactivity, I couldn't have his autorization. If he connect and whant I delete the picture, I will do it.

thank you to all the persons for the stock bird pictures :

to CoralinLang ( ) :
Chicken feet 05

to Psyartista9 ( ) :
Coops 16
Coops 19

to LRG-Photography (… ) :
Harris Hawk Stock 9

to jtappa ( ) :
Red-Tailed Hawk Stock

thank you to EEJJGG ( ) for the story writting :

´´He is doomed´´ Said Nerea with a bright smile.´´Now…he will pay!´´
´´B…but…´´Beatrice muttered ´´Why are we doing this? We are transforming each other! Don´t you see? All the last transformations were because some of us caused it!´´
´´It was in the name of the justice´´ Defended Edward.
´´In the name of justice or in the name of victory for them but…but we have to stop this before all of us got…got changed into monsters´´ Beatrice seemed about to explode in tears and then Nerea came closer and hugged her ´´Hush…Beatrice…we are not going to hurt each other anymore…we just…eliminated those who wanted´´
´´B..but…if what the paper said is true…´´ She almost cried ´´There can only be a winner and…and…everyone else…would be made into a monster!´´
´´Not if we can help it´´ Said Edward, with resolution on his eyes. ´´Come on, Beatrice! You can do it! We are going to survive!´´
Beatrice seemed to calm down a bit.
´´Now…do we try to find that slime traitor?´´ Asked Edward.
´´No need. If what the paper said is true, he would simply look for water, for example in the pool…´´Then she realized. Christina and Eva…they were alone there. What if Robert had any bad intentions with them? ´´We have to go and see!´´
Edward, Beatrice and Nerea ran towards the pool, luckily for them, it was not very far away and they could reach it soon. A door on the wall connected to a small hallway near the pool entrance.
When the group reached the pool what they saw were something they were not expecting at all…specially Nerea.
Lying there, in the edge of the pool, was Christina, the mermaid, moaning in sheer delight like any female would do. Her mind was totally filled by the pleasure she was feeling and her body contracted in spams of pure joy as the fin of her tail slowly caressed the water. Christina´s hands were on her breasts, massaging them with passion and caressing her erect nipples. Her lips were parted and her eyes closed, in pure ectasy.
Down there, Eva, on all fours, lifting her tail to show the group her also needy genitalia, licked Christine´s dolphin slit with her little and playful cat girl.
´´What is happening here?¨´ Shouted Nerea, clearly angry. She…she liked Christian so much…It was hard to see her crush changing into a mermaid, much harder to see her moaning like that and getting that intimate with Eva.
´´Tastes like fish!´´ Joked Eva, looking at them and licking her lips ´´Very good!´´
Noticing the incursion, Christina opened her eyes and looked at the group, clearly blushed. As a mermaid, it was fine for her to be seeing naked, or even been seen made adult activities…but been seen like that by Nerea certainly made her feel embarrassed.
´´Nerea…´´She muttered ´´I can explain.´´
´´You have to explain nothing! ´´She shouted, angry, and crossed her arms. It seemed that nothing was left of the men she loved…now…a woman. A mermaid. ´´Everything is crystal clear here…´´
´´But Nerea…please…you had seen the note as me…you have to understand´´ Tried to say Christina, with her melodious charming voice. ´´I…I couldn´t control myself´´
Happily and playfully, Eva ran towards the group and began to rub her rear against one of Edward´s legs, making him back up
´´Purrr…can I get some rubs too?´´ She clearly wanted to be touched the way she was doing with Christina.
´´No!´´ Shouted Nerea, angry, scaring the catgirl away.
Without knowing what to do, feeling her heart shattered to pieces by that scene, Nerea tried to look strong and confident, but she eventually broke in tears and ran upstairs quickly.
´´Nerea!´´ Edward tried to stop her ´´Don´t do it! It´s dangerous!´´ But she was already far away.
´´I will talk to her…´´Offered Beatrice ´´This is girl´s business. Nerea!´´ Then she ran away too.
´´Be careful!´´ Ordered Edward, standing alone there with Christina and looking at her. Little was left of his former friend.
´´What was that all about?´´ He asked, with a bitter smile.
´´I…I couldn´t hold it´´ Admited Christina, blushing ´´I mean…Edward…I don´t wish anyone to change but…but you cannot imagine how good does it feel and…how sensitive everything is. My mind got crazy and I become more and more Christina "the mermaid"...´´
´´Oh…damn it…´´ Said Edward, paling.
´´Lisa and Brianna are alone in the barn!´´ Edward felt how a sting was fired on his heart. Would Lisa be doing the same to Brianna.
´´Fear not…centaurs are loyal´´ Smiled Christina.
´´I should go and check anyway…´´ Edward was about to leave when then, Christina raised a hand.
´´No…Edward please…I…I don´t want to be alone´´
´´Maybe…I can stay with you?´´ Said a soft, feminine voice that seemed to come from nowhere. It was not Lisa, Nerea or any other but it seemed familiar.
´´Who goes there?´´ Asked the boy.
´´I…don´t have an appropriate name yet…´´ Said the voice again.
´´Edward! The vents!´´ Pointed Christine.
Trough one of the vent conduits, a strange blue goo was descending, crawling slowly down the wall and then reaching the pool´s floor starting to form the seductive form of a female human. Inside the gooey mass, only a pink stone heart could be seen along with one fish that probably came with some fishbowl water the slime absorbed.
´´Who are you?´´ Asked Christina, worried.
´´Don’t you remember me?´´ Smiled the smile, with a seductive, soft voice ´´I am Robert…I…I was Robert.´´
´´Robert?´´ The mermaid´s eyes peeled.
´´Yes. I am the only man left here¨´ Edward crossed his arms and waited ´´And you…you have something to answer for´´
´´Yes I do´´ Said the slime, submissively and then, addressed to Christina ´´Christian…I am really sorry for what my former self did to you. It was an unforgivable deed…but I hope you can spare me. I don't know why but since my change, my mind look's like clear. Washing of all mad thoughts. And what I do... please let me be your humble servant.´´
Christina didn´t know If she could trust that slime, but the new Robert seemed to mean no harm…after all…what other harm would she cause to Christina? She was already a mermaid…she…already broke Nerea´s heart.

The two girls got to the upper floor of the house where Nerea started crying near one of the windows. Beatrice came close to her and both girls hugged.
´´Hush, Nerea…´´Said the girl.
´´Beatrice…this…this is so…strange. Why us? Why is this happening?
´´I know it is hard for you but…bear in mind that Christina in now a mermaid…I mean…it is on her nature now what she is doing. It wasn´t her fault. You can´t blame her for that…
´´I know…it is just that…everything is so…confusing.´´Nerea put both her hands on her forehead, trying to calm down when suddenly, she heard steps coming from one of the bedrooms. They were soft steps, almost inaudible…like if someone was trying to sneak upon them and she quickly got herself prepared to fight.
And soon Beatrice noticed these steps as well, but it was too late. A rushing shadow came from one of the rooms and tried to attack the girls forcing them to split and roll on the floor to avoid the attack. Once they eluded the first strike they knew who was attacking them. It was Dalia. And she had what is seemed to be a large decorative eagle claw on her right hand sharp and big enough to make serious wounds but also very likely to be able to trigger a change into an avian creature, obviously what she intended.
´´Dalia! Stop!´´Begged Beatrice.
´´I am sorry girls…´´There was no hate on Dalia´s voice. Only resolution.´´This is nothing personal but there can be only one of us winning.
´´We can collaborate!´´Said Nerea, hating the idea of fighting Dalia.
´´Yes…but eventually…eventually we will have to face the facts. Only if one of us reach the victory we can leave.´´
´´And the rest of us?´´ Growled Nerea.
´´I am sorry. But this is all about preys and predators. And I am not the prey. ´´ Was all that Dalia was going to say and then she resumed the attack. Nerea had to push Beatrice out of the claw´s way and then she flicked herself aside to dodge again.
´´Run!´´Ordered Nerea.
Beatrice was paralyzed with fear and impression and she could not move fast enough to avoid the claw, so it was Nerea again the one who had to grab Dalia´s forearm to protect her friend. The two girls fought one against each other during several terrible seconds before Dalia pushed Nerea to the window, making her lose balance.
With a quick swing , the claw tore Nerea´s shirt and opened a wound on her arm, making the girl gasp and cover the wound with her hand on a quick movement that made her lose the balance again and, being that near the window, it turned out to be fatal.
Dalia´s intention was only to wound some of the other girls with that claw but not kill them, so she gasped when Nerea fell from the window.
´´Murderer!´´ Shouted the girl, crying and unable to look at Dalia in the eye. ´´We were friends!!! And now we are not only changing each other but killing each other!´´ Unable to stand that pressure, Beatrice ran away, scared. Nerea gave her life to defend her. And she could not stay there within Dalia´s reach.
Dalia stood there, shocked, and quickly looked out trough the window. It was only one floor but the asphalt of the path below certainly would end up in a quick death if Nerea fell with her head or neck. Dalia´s heart, however, was relieved when she saw that Nerea was alive! She managed to grip one of the outer water conduits with the hand that was not hurt.
Nerea has always been lithe and athletic and she could stand like that for a few moments.
´´Nerea!´´ Dalia dropped the claw, she did not wanted to kill her.
´´Help me!´´ Growled the girl when suddenly, a strange sensation rushed trough her body and made her moan a bit. It was really intense and Nerea knew that it was no falling back from that. She has lost. She would transform. She just wondered how.
Like answering her question, the open wound stopped bleeding and instead of blood, with an itchy sensation, a layer of soft feathers began to grow all over her arm. The girl gasped when she saw her deforming muscles and twisting bones reshaping under a thick mass of feathers. The sensation was really pleasant tough but was making her body crumble so she had to place both her feet on the wall for better support.
And then it happened. It started like a small pressure on her feet that suddenly grew more and more. Tearing sounds could be heard when Nerea´s shoes and socks were pierced by a set of enormous bird-like claws. The girl let out a scream in pleasure as she closed her arms. That was a sheer relief. The avian claws pierced the outer wooden cover of the house, helping her to stand on the wall.
Dalia backed up when she saw these deadly claws and withdrew the helping hand she was offering to Nerea. The girl gulped and ran away trough the hallway. She wanted to be a predator. Now she has created one. A deadly predator.
Nerea, feeling the power of her new legs, almost was totally in extasis with all the feelings her body was having. She suddenly felt lighter, lithe, fast, strong…her eyes were closed but she could smell the surroundings and even her brain seemed to tell her the position she has. Overwhelmed by these sensations, she almost did not noticed when the hand she was using to grip started to pulse an change too. Knowing that it would not hold her more, Nerea had to think fast.
And so she did.
Following her new insctincts, she pushed herself with her powerful legs, jumping up high as her body kept pulsing in the air. When she opened her eyes, she could notice how sharp and glorious her vision has turn. She didn´t had any visual issues, but now she could see far better than any human being. Because she was no human being.
Her other arm soon grow feathers and started to twitch just in time, for she was quickly falling to the outer pool area where Robert was transformed moments ago. She was unable to flap and fly but Nerea could slow the fall enough so it would not be harmful.
With a loud thud, she fell on her wings and kness on the pool side, looking at her changing body.
Beatrice wanted to leave. Wanted to run away as fast as she could and, when she came out from the main door, she could see a new note…fearfully, she looked at it.

Nerea has lost
Cause of penalty: Was hit by eagle claw.

species description : The harpies are known as ´´Death from above´´ because of the deadly weapons that their claws are and, in fact, a harpy´s prey don´t have much chances of survival but, despite that, harpies have a very kind and protective nature with their friends and they will never attack someone she knows.
Harpies are sociable creatures that have learned to live in harmony with heterogeneous groups of species as some kind of symbiotic or win-win relationships, specially with humans. That is because the harpy natural limitations, the most evident one, the lack of suitable prehensile hands, for their wings only spot a vestigial claw thumb and need help of other creatures in most works.
Because of that, the harpy usually offers herself to protect the group and hunt and the others can cook and take care of her and, in fact, harpies develop really strong relationships with those who help them, being really loyal and kind.

regime (in all forms) : carnivore

Human conditions :
She has to fly into a cloud each morning or be stuck as harpy until the next opportunity.

Attribute win/change.

- Hawkeye: Harpies, like many birds, have keen eye and a sense of sight that excels those of about any other mythical being. With her eyes, a harpy can see as far as an eagle and detect even the smallest movements and changes on the landscape and that is why they are good predators.

- Sense of smell: Developed in unison with her sense of sight, the harpy sense of smell is just as accurate.

- Claws: The harpy claws are probably the most fearsome of their traits and are known to be able to crush and penetrate classical steel armors as is shown in some old medieval books. The size and power of the claws made them deadly but they reach their maximum harm capacity when diving at great velocities. When a prey receives the impact of the harpy, it is unlikely to survive the sheer kinetic force of the smash, not to mention the deadly effect of the claws. Aside for it´s use as weapons, claws also are the harpy´s usual way of walking on solid terrain like human legs but they can also use them to grab to trees or branches like a bird.

- Fly: The arms and hands of the harpy are covered in feathers and have muscles strong enough to flap the winds fast and strong enough to make them fly at great altitudes and velocities and also dive for hunting preys. The harpy does not have a very wide wingspawn compared to their size, but they make for it with sheer muscular strength and agility. On their wings, harpies show a vestigial thumb that has a very limited use.

- G-Force resistance: Being high-altitude predators, their bodies and brains are perfectly prepared for withstanding the pressure of the G-Forces on fast twist and movements during the flight or while diving. Human pilots under these forces might be rendered unconscious but for the harpies they mean no harm.

- Electromagnetic orientation: Like migrant´s bird´s brain, harpy´s brain have a small magnetic compound that react with the magnetic pole of the Earth helping them during their travels and making for a harpy almost impossible to get lost as they will, naturally, know the north.

- Laying egg by week. Harpies are ovipares and they are born from eggs. Like a woman´s menstruation, a harpy body continuously generates eggs, usually one or two each week and then, they are expulsed from the harpy´s body for avoiding extra weight that could difficult her movements, so a harpy cannot get pregnant. If the harpy has sexual intercourse during that week, the egg would probably be fertilized and be able to give born to a new harpy but if the harpy has not received any male´s seed inside her, the egg would be certainly non fertilized and would bear no life inside it.
The process of oviposition greatly stimulates the harpy´s sexual instincts and it is not strange that while laying an egg the harpy can have one or more orgasm, so the only lay in front of people they trust.

- Hollow bones: Harpy´s bodyweight is a critical feature for them to fulfil their role as flyers and they have evolved like birds. Harpy´s bones are hollow for reducing the weight and her overall bone structure is really light for her size so it is unlikely to find a harpy that weighs more than 30-40 kilos being 25 the average. Harpies also have lithe and aerodinamical bodies for that purpose. Having empty bones, harpies are more vulnerable to blunts and severe hits, however, due to the lack of mass and solidness of the bones.

And then, shaking her head side to side, she ran towards the forest.
In the meantime, Edward has heard the loud thud and quickly came outside to see what happened. And all he could see was a strange avian-like creature near the pool, moaning loud and, when he came a bit closer, he let out a gasp.
Nerea was unable to answer at that point, for a huge sensation of pressure was born on her tailbone as she could feel a leathery tail fighting it´s way out her shorts. With no hands, it was impossible for her at that point to do anything for that and she only stood there, moaning loud, for the growing tail was caressing her intimate parts.
With a final push, the leathery tail grew free and Nerea let a loud moan as her whole body was shaken by an orgasm like she has never imagined before. It took several seconds for her to recover and think about what had happened…
´´Nerea…not you too…´´Said Edward, coming closer to that creature, clearly sad.
Nerea could only look at him, trying to stop her wild moaning.
´´What happened?´´
´´Dalia….´´ Was all the new harpy could say.

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