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the woman picture come from ggwpomglob ( ) :
A Royal Time (6)
Because of his inactivity, I couldn't have his autorization. If he connect and whant I delete the picture, I will do it.

thank you to allison731 ( )  for the flower pictures :
Red Rose

story by EEJJGG (  ) :

Beatrice could not hold it anymore…she ran…she ran as fast as she could. Far, far away, breaking in tears with every step she made…Thinking about it she noticed how terrible everything was on that game…
Only Eva has changed due to an accident, but the others…the other simply changed each other for fights, retribution, domination. And they were supposed to be friends…now, Beatrice saw that they had a dark side and now, Nerea was a monster too…She could not even stop and read about the fate of her friend, for she feared the worst.
Beatrice didn´t want to fight. She simply wanted to run away, to leave, to turn back to normal…if it were possible. The girl´s steps took her to the forest, deep inside, where the trees were dense and tall and the flowers surrounded the meadow. The propriety of the house was huge and they have only explored the house so far…
How many transformative items could be around the forest? Certainly it seemed the safest place to be, far away from water, strange claws, transformative milks or treacherous barns. She felt tired from the run…exhausted and morally broken imagining the terrible consequences of the game.
Her friends were monsters.
She could be changed into a monster in any moment…
But that meadow felt simply…too peaceful. Like a haven in the middle of the battle. A rest for her at last. Beatrice rested her back against a tree and let herself slid down on the grass, breathing deep and taking the scent of the flowers around her, closing her eyes. For a moment, the young girl felt safe, felt away from everything. The fights, the transformations, the games…
Nerea looked around at the forest and the flowers that were being caressed by the breeze and her heart was filled with joy. She always loved flowers… So beauty and innocent...
´´Well…´´ Her dainty hands grabbed one of these flowers and she kneeled more to smell the delicious scent of the flower, making her lungs fill with pure joy and her soul rest for a moment. ´´It is just a flower…´´ Being all the other transformations animal´´related, a flower was something safe.
´´Not everything here can transform´´ She convinced herself and then the bitter memories came back to the girl´s mind. ´´Everyone…almost everyone was forced to change…not by accident…Even if one of us win, life would not be the same and….´´
A sudden jolt of pleasure stopped her thoughts as she could feel a strange sensation caressing her legs and nethers and a soft moan escaped from her lips…Her eyes peeled when she noticed her mistake and threw the flower away.
But the damage was done.
She was the second accident.
´´A…a flower…´´She tried to convince herself, trying not to take both her hands down her skirt and touch her feminine areas as that tingling sensation kept spreading . ´´It is just a flower! What animal can be linked to flowers?´´ Then her mind got filled with the images of various insects…insects polinice flowers…
´´No…no please!´´ She begged in fear ´´Not a bug please! Mermaids, centauress, cowgirls…why do I have to change into a bug?´´
But soon her fears proved wrong…yet still she had reasons to worry, for the skin around her legs were slowly changing in color, turning bright red with every passing second. ´´What is happening to me? No!´´
In front of her stunned eyes, she could see how her feet and legs began to feel really strange as they seemed to shrink more and more every passing second. Desperated, Beatrice lifted her skirt to see what was happening and what she saw let her even more worried...Her skin, her bones, her veins and her muscles were pulsing together and forming strange big filaments that seemed to be detaching from her legs until nothing of the locomotion system was left, only what seemed to be…
´´Roots?´´ Said Beatrice, unable to believe what was happening…the process was not painful, in fact, it was really exciting and pleasurable but the fear that was filling her heart was like an iron claw on her feelings…Soon, these roots began to burry themselves in the soil, making Beatrice gasp in pleasure again.
Then, another thing happened. She noticed that her human vagina was still there…and was even bigger and bigger. At first she imagined that it would not be possible…but her vaginal lips were increasing their size making her whole body pulse in sheer pleasure. Her eyes rolled as her heartbeat rampaged feeling the huge sensation of pleasure as her vaginal skin grew more and more, forming structures around her body. Beatrice wanted to look, wanted to see what was happening to her…but the pleasure was so big that she was unable to open her eyes.
The girl stood there, moaning, as her changed vagina surrounded her completely and blossomed, sprouting petals around her as they took a bright red color, just like Beatrice´s hair.
She felt a huge sensation of pleasure and then…and then she bit her lower lip and a sweet substance filled her own mouth driving her to huge orgasm, something like she has never imagined before.
When the orgasm passed away, she looked at herself with curiosity…her clothes were gone…and her body too…she was surrounded by petals…She was flower.
´´A flower…´´she muttered, smiling´´Awww well…I am so cute…´´ She giggled, looking at herself. With these huge petals surrounding her body she remember what part of her body's it come from´´I'm don't really sure... a flower is really innocente?´´ She asked to herself, a little troubled. She touched her lips. With a strong feeling, she hadn't doubt. A flower can be spelling as "pure" in one way but certainly not innocent.
Back at the house, a note appeared on the gate.

Beatrice has lost.
Cause of penalty: Smell a flower
Flower´´girls are a strange breed that represents the perfect symbiosis between the animal and the vegetal kingdoms showing traits from both of them but, despite the animal appearance, the creature is mostly considered a plant. The origins and the evolution of these species is unclear but legends link them to magic and, judging by the strange merging of species, they might be probably right.
Probably the best a man can have on his garden, flower´´girls find their natural place in forest and meadows because they live in strong harmony with the nature. They are unable to move on their own, they prefer to root in one place like any flower would do.
Because of that, they feed from water and minerals and they heavily depends on other species to take care of them if the weather is not good enough. A flower´´girl that is being cared with love would blossom with immense beauty and would love her caregiver over any other thing in the world. In exchange from the care, flower girls are not only beautiful, but also can spread a delicious smell around among many other attractive features.

Regime (in all forms) : Water and minerals. (Semen as substitute)
Human conditions :
Her human body can't drink water or eat other than semens. She will be force to transform herself for supply.

Attribute win/change.
A scheme is deliver with the note…

´´Dalia probably is still somewhere upstairs.´´Said Nerea, trying to adapt to her new body and kinda blushed because she was really aware that the other boys have seen her orgasm as a harpy. Still she had the tattered clothes on her new body and, despite being quite uncomfortable in her new form, she refused to go naked like all the other monsters. ´´She might try to strike again.
´´Probably she will…but the upper floor seems to make the space warp so maybe she is still looking for an exit. Still, we have to be on our guard.
´´You have to´´Said Nerea, trying to cross her arms finding that with wings it was almost impossible ´´Beatrice and you are the only ones that are not transformed yet and Dalia would target any of you next...´´Then the harpy girl noticed something and gasped. ´´Beatrice!
Without waiting for anything, she began to swing her wings and took flight around the house describing a circle on the sky before diving towards the door. Edward stood on the ground, looking to the sky and wandering what would be happening…It took the harpy a couple of minutes to return with a piece of paper on her mouth and landed by Edward´s side, offering him the paper.
´´Beatrice…´´He muttered.
´´A flower girl…It is only Dalia and you, Edward…
Both of them looked high at the sky…it was almost night now and they all felt tired after the long day… Edward and Nerea yawned.
´´According to this…she is unable to move. We have to look for her…´´Said Edward.
´´Night is coming and in the forest visibility is poor…we might need to wait to the next morning or…´´Nerea looked aside where Eva was playing with a butterfly, jumping and chasing the poor insect as she laughed ´´Send out the best smeller we have.
Eva took her new mission with pure joy and happiness. For her it was a game. And she was the best in that game. Jumping happily, the catgirl moved her naked furry body into all fours and ran towards the forest, taking deep breaths to catch the air.
Nerea and Edward looked at her getting away.
´´I have to find a safe place to sleep.´´Said Edward.
´´The house is not the best place…Dalia might be around.´´Suggested Nerea.
´´I will go to the barn then…with Lisa.
´´Is that wise? She got changed that way…
´´I don´t think we have better options…almost anything can make you change. I will take my sleeping bag and get to the stable…In the worst scenario, I would be made into a stallion.
´´Good night then´´Smiled Nerea.
´´Good night to you too.

Nerea waved goodbye at Edward and bit her lower lip. Where was she going to sleep…? Then she looked at the pool and walked inside slowly, almost shy, using her wings to open the door…and there he was. Christina. The wonderful mermaid, playfully swimming in the water and splashing with her beautiful, luscious dolphin tail. Nerea felt a flush of lust running trough her body…she has never found girls attractive…but…but at that moment, her mind got filled by the shape of the mermaid. When the mermaid looked at the new harpy she was surprised and came closer to the edge of the pool.
´´Nerea…? Is that you?
Nerea let out a soft yes, playing with her clawed feet on the ground, kinda shy.
´´Oh my…dear…you look amazing!´´Admired the mermaid.´´How did it happen?
´´Dalia…hit me with a bird claw and…here I am.
´´Nerea…a harpy really suits you!
´´Christina…´´She asked, not minding the slime girl in one side of the room.´´It is late and I…might need a place to sleep. Can I…?´´She blushed.´´Sleep here.
´´But of course you can!´´Answered the mermaid with a huge smile on her face, grabbing one of the pool sides and pulling herself up to the soil, showing her feminine body and beautiful curves. Without knowing what else to say, Nerea walked closer and sit by Christina´s side. The mermaid giggled.
´´You are beautiful, Nerea…but…don´t you feel tight In these clothes?
´´Uh…yes…I mean no…I mean…yes…
´´Then take them out.´´Smiled the mermaid and Nerea could feel a surge of heat inside her.
´´Come on!´´One of Christina´s hand caressed the girl´s feathers. That body had a lot of secrets to be discovered…and Nerea felt so hot. She blushed a lot ´´You are now one of us…
The harpy smiled and tried to use her wings to take away the clothes with little success when suddenly, she felt a cold contact behind her, caressing her back and her wings…it was the slime. Nerea blushed and moaned.
´´Let me help you with that…´´The slime slid down her clothes using her watery hands and frame, slowly revealing Nerea´s breasts, much for her own embarrassment and then, slowly, the slime took away the rest of the harpy´s clothes, letting her totally naked in the pool. She blushed and tried to cover herself…but the pleasure she was getting was so…enticing
´´I will show you…´´Smiled Christina, almost crawling closer to the harpy ´´What your body can feel.''
Nerea tried to say something, but then, the mermaid raised her head and started licking at Nerea´s still human slit. The harpy felt a surge of pleasure all over her body as she launched screams of sheer pleasure as she got licked…that was not the way she imagined doing it for her first time with Christina…but…but she accepted it anyway.

In the meantime, in the barn, Lisa opened the door and granted access to her boyfriend inside the barn, closing the door behind him and locking it with a heavy iron bar. The centauress smiled at Edward, who had his sleeping bag and supplies.
´´I am glad to be with you here…´´ Blushed the centauress ´´But…I wish it was under better circumstances´´
´´Any circumstance I am with you is a good one´´ Said Edward, planting a kiss on his girlfriend´s cheek. Despite being a centauress she was not much taller than him. When he walked pass her, he noticed something…behind the long blonde tail, it could be seen clear signs of moisture on her private parts.
Edward placed the backpack near one of the hay bales and laid there as Lisa bit her lower lip and walked closer.
´´Ed…Edward…´´ She asked, a bit blushed, her tail lashing behind her. ´´Do you…still find me attractive?´´
´´Oh…but of course I do!´´ Said him, opening his arms so the centauress could embrace him, sitting by his side. ´´No matter the form you take you are still Lisa…and you can change into your human form when this is over´´
´´But…´´ She almost seemed about to cry ´´I would never be the same again…I will be half centauress and…you know that…Well…Nerea and Brianna might still keep her human…uh…you know´´
Judging by the blush on her cheeks Edward knew that she could be only talking about her own genitalia. Her tail was lashing more and more, fanning a great scent. Brienna, walked closer with a faint smile. She had a bucked on her hand.
´´Say it straight Lisa´´ She smiled.
´´I am….´´ She blushed again ´´I am in heat….´´
´´Oh…but dear…what can I do for you?´´ Asked Edward, certainly not prepared to satisfy a set of very equine genitals.
´´No…nothing!´´ She quickly answered….´´Can we…just cuddle all night along?´´
´Hey…but please….´´ Begged Brienna ´´Master…mistress…can you…milk me? I am so full´´
Edward and Lisa smiled and looked to each other as the centauress said ´´I have already done that today…be my guest, Edward´´
´´Please…´´Begged Brienna, letting the bucked in his feet and then kneeling so Edward could grab her warm udders and feel them throb on his fingers as Brienna let out a soft moan of sheer pleasure. Milk began to flow as the cow girl felt closer and closer to the orgasm, mooing sofly and getting her feminine parts really wet…
Suddenly, Edward looked back at Lisa just in time to catch her in a deep, passionate kiss that made the centauress moan in pleasure as her sex winked and sprouted pheromones
´´I am jelaous…´´ She muttered. And then Edward took both his hands to squeeze and caress the girl´s human breasts and the laid together.

In the forest, Eva followed the scent of the new flower girl easily…it was not hard considering that Beatrice was the biggest flower around. Beatrice was fighting into herself under the raising moon. The sun was gone and her body whanted to close for the night. She began to lose the hope to see someone when she noticed a surge of pleasure in one of her petals…she looked back to see the catgirl playfully caressing it.
´´Found you!´´ Giggled Eva as Beatrice felt the sensitivity of her petals…she suddenly felt really hot as her lips secreted more and more of that substance.
´´Now…take your gift…´´ She smiled, offering a hug at the catgirl. Eva was surprised. It wasn't at all a move she thinked the innocent Beatrice can do. It was a situation she soon took, wrapping her paws around Beatrice´s body as they merged in a kiss.

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LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
A story of love! This seems all to end pretty well with everyone happy... Love it!
tsilver Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Yes said you likking see an happy end and next that you voted for Edward (the hero of the story) who lose the game ^^".
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Are the losers not really the winners?
tsilver Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
say it to the cowgirl or the flowergirl ^^".
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
Hmmm... Forgot about the cowgirl.. Yes, she wasn't too happy
tsilver Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
We continue to work on the follow but it's look's like the text will be to big. Sorry for all, but for now, we plan to made a 7.5 Part ^^".
RadicalDanny Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
She's a sexy red head ^^
tsilver Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
Thank you.
RadicalDanny Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
Tell that to the model, she should get red hair ^^
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