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I think I will repost sone or later. The motivation isn't here yet but I feel better next this pause.

As said the title, some persons had confirmated my feeling I was her only for made picture after picture at them eyes. Even with my three last journal entry, it's steel "usuals" requester who steel request me photomorphe by note. When I sent the link of my journal entries, they simply stop post note or answer a simple "ok" (who made me think they didn't even read more than the first title of course).

So, I think this type of comportement is meanly due to the fact I made free commissions. Some peoples don't care of what I think if in any way I will do what they whants without counterpart after all.
I will made my commissions paying (with some exception) for change it.
For be more detailling, I will create two parts :
 - The one where peoples can suggerating something they whould like I do. If the subject interesting me, and don't need to pay a photo for do it, it have lucks I made it for free.
 - the second will be for paying commissions. The prize will depend of the nature of the commission (oneshoot or sequence) and the prize of the pictures I use for do it. After all, as a commercial picture, it's normal to pay a part at the photos I use for base.

In whatever category, the previous conditions I created will steel here. At the exception of needing to ask the permition of the photographe/model if it is already a paying picture (If I buy the picture, I buy the right to use it too). What it will more hard, it is for using free stock pictures. Because it is for commercial use, I will have to request the permition (and pay it) as all type of picture (animals, backgrounds,ect... don't go be free anymore).

I don't deciding yet what prize I will put. In part because I need to have severals answers about the working of DA first.
 - Can we recreating DA points into money? (It will be more easy if yes).
 - How can we made transaction between profil and from my profil into my banque compte?
SenorIncognito69 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Student Writer
Sounds reasonable.
Glad to see that you are better. ^^
typewriter17 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
Sorry you're having issues.  Yeah, doing commissions for free isn't a real good idea.  Folks should at least pay you for what you have to pay for stock.  I hope you get tings works out soon.  Good luck.
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