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a new job : chapter 1 by tsilver a new job : chapter 1 by tsilver
thank you to all they peoples who give pictures stock.

body's picture :
Jaymie at Orgasmic stock 33

cat :
Is it Caturday?

After wait peoples answer at my ask, i finally post it with they little resume of what i have in mind for the story.

next : a new job : chapter 2

The hero of the story is a student of 20 years. Even if they studies are hard, it's look boring for him (to easy). One day, he find a jacket of a pc video game with a note on : "If you can win this test, you can have the job of your life."
The video begin with a catgirl who made the presentation of a new technologie. In this game, people can be transform into animal or mysticals creatures (by injection of nanobot who change they cellules and the DNA) and he had to work in industrie who made that.
In first, he work as a psychologue. He have to see if they peoples who come her have the spirit and realy whant to be transform. They IA are very "human". He refuse a lot of people who whant transform just like that or for bad reson.
Next he work like a "tutor". He have to help they people for the transformation and be used be her new's body. Her too, it was hard because several people don't act good when they see her body's change. In this part, it have only the basique infrastructure but he can search in the net and "download" or create what he whant with that.
He had to made that with 4 big part :
 - They fly creatures.
 - They earth creatures
 - They smalls creatures
 - They water creatures.
Next that, he can choose the job.

He like play at this game and forgive at the note but one day, he find a note who say he have win the job. He go at the place he think becoming a beta tester or video game builder. When he go at the place i don't find a woman, not only a cartgirl but the catgirl of the game.
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November 9, 2014
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